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Custom Manufacturer of Short-Run Metal Stampings, Production Quantity Metal Stampings & Custom Quality Laser Cutting.

Short Run, Laser Cut & Production Quantity Metal Stampings

Short Run, Laser Cut & Production Quantity Metal Stampings

Small Quantities NJ, Inc. utilizes many different manufacturing methods to manufacture products for our customers. For our Short Run stampings we utilize equipment such as lasers, turrets and press brakes but also can provide tooling that can be run in presses which can lead to lower piece prices depending on the volume. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience we strive to find the right manufacturing process to meet our customer’s requirements.

Laser cutting with our CNC lasers will be utilized for both low and high volume depending upon the type of part that needs to be produced. Cost effective and extremely accurate, our laser cutting is ideal for all volume levels depending on the part type. Larger, flat parts are ideally suited for this process and can run into high volume quantities.

Small Quantities NJ, Inc. can also build tooling and run full production quantities on our presses. We have the ability to take you from concept/low volume all the way through the production life of your part. While other companies may claim to be able to run quantities from low volume through production, SQNJI has been doing this for over 50 years!